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     Frequently Asked Questions   
    • How do you ship the product and how long will it take?
      We ship UPS and USPS and only within the US. Anything containing aluminum or magnesium will be shipped UPS ORM-D Ground. The UPS ORM-D Ground shipping usually takes 3-5 business days. All other orders shipped USPS Priority Mail which usually arrive in 2-3 days but can take up to a week. We ship items differently to follow shipping rules and also to cut down your shipping costs.

    • Will _____ work for my application?
      We get questions all the time about if one of our products will work for a specific application. Usually our answer is probably. Everything we sell is described correctly but even so there are many factors that come into play when using chemicals that may affect one brand and not another. We encourage people to test out our product by purchasing smaller quantities before purchasing larger amounts especially since refunds are not possible.

    • Are any of your products food grade?
      The only products we sell that are food grade is Citric Acid and Potassium Chloride. It is the only one certified. All the others are technical grade so they are good quality there but not good enough for human consumption. We purposely buy this grade because food grade chemicals can cost 5x as much.

    • Are there any limits on orders? Why was my order cancelled?
      There is no minimum or maximum size for ordering. There is roughly a 200 lb limit for shipping calculations on orders. If no shipping costs come up for larger orders, then a salesperson will contact you with shipping costs and options. You may also contact us first to inquire about larger quantities if you would like. We have the right to cancel any orders that we feel we need to cancel for any reason.

    • Do you combine shipping?
      If you are ordering through the website, it will automatically combine shipping costs. If you are ordering through eBay then purchase (buy it now) all the items you want then request an invoice or send us a message. A corrected invoice will be sent with the updated shipping amount.

    • Is everything you sell legal?
      Yes. We wouldn't be selling if it was illegal. All items are approved for sale on eBay. If you are concerned, check with your local governing agents. You must be 21 to purchase sulfur and aluminum powder. A signature will be required for those purchases to verify age.

    • What payments do you accept?
      We accept payment in the form of credit cards and PayPal. Check/money orders are no longer accepted.

    • Is red iron oxide better than black iron oxide for thermite?
      Red iron oxide would be considered the "original" thermite. As for performance, they are very similar. The red iron oxide does give off more heat but the black is denser and the heat is more concentrated. Check out to get more specific info.

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